Installing Rucio Clients


Rucio clients run on Python 2.7, 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8 on any Unix-like platform.

Python Dependencies

Rucio clients need the following python modules:

All Dependencies are automatically installed with pip.

Install via pip

When pip is available, the distribution can be downloaded from the Rucio PyPI server and installed in one step:

$> pip install rucio-clients

This command will download the latest version of Rucio and install it to your system.

Upgrade via pip

To upgrade via pip:

$> pip install --upgrade rucio-clients

Install via pip and virtualenv

To install the Rucio clients in an isolated virtualenv environment:

$> wget --no-check-certificate
$> python rucio
$> source rucio/bin/activate.csh
$> pip install rucio-clients
$> export RUCIO_HOME=`pwd`/rucio/

Installing using

Otherwise, you can install from the distribution using the script:

$> python install

Installing with docker