Rucio administration CLI: Examples

Rucio provides a CLI for administrative tasks. The get methods can be executed by any user, but the set methods require some admin privileges. See man pages.

Account and identity methods

To create a new account:

$ rucio-admin account add --type USER --email [email protected] jdoe

You can choose different types in the list USER, GROUP, SERVICE. Different policies/permissions can be set depending on the account type. Once the account is created, you need to create and attach an identity to this account:

$ rucio-admin identity add --type X509 --id "/DC=blah/DC=blih/OU=Organic Units/OU=Users/CN=jdoe" --email [email protected] --account jdoe

The list of possible identity types is X509, GSS, USERPASS, SSH:

$ rucio-admin account list-identities jdoe
Identity: /DC=blah/DC=blih/OU=Organic Units/OU=Users/CN=jdoe,        type: X509

You can set attributes to the users:

$ rucio-admin account add-attribute --key country --value xyz jdoe

And list these attributes:

$ rucio-admin account list-attributes jdoe
| Key     | Value |
| country | xyz   |

You can also list all the accounts matching a certain attribute using the filter option:

$ rucio-admin account list --filters "country=xyz"

To set the quota for one account on a given RSE:

$ rucio-admin account set-limits jdoe SITE2_SCRATCH 10000000000000
Set account limit for account jdoe on RSE SITE2_SCRATCH: 10.000 TB
$ rucio-admin account get-limits dcameron SITE2_SCRATCH
Quota on SITE2_SCRATCH for jdoe : 10 TB

Scope methods

To create a new scope:

$ rucio-admin scope add --account jdoe --scope user.jdoe

Only the owner of the scope or privileged users can write into the scope.

To list all the scopes::
$ rucio-admin scope list user.janedoe user.jdoe

RSE methods

To create a new RSE:

$ rucio-admin rse add SITE2_SCRATCH

To add a RSE attribute:

$ rucio-admin rse set-attribute --rse SITE2_SCRATCH --key country --value xyz
$ rse get-attribute SITE2_SCRATCH
country: xyz

Replica methods

To declare bad (i.e. corrupted or lost replicas):

$ rucio-admin replicas declare-bad --reason "File corrupted" https//path/to/lost/file